Art World: A CPA Facelift

Art World: A CPA Facelift

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  1. Michael Budde says:

    This design was one of my favorites as it brought a new, unique element of the mosaic. I’ve seen such artwork before around different areas of Cincinnati and the art really would leave a lasting impression of where an individual was when they saw the picture and think about the process of creating such a masterpiece. I thought it was great that you were able to portray your design, even though you are new to Google Sketchup. The book return did seem to catch me off guard because that place still may not be a great place for it, but then there really isn’t a good place for a bulky outdated block.

  2. Carly Swindell says:

    I was very attracted to this design as well.
    I thought the design was well though-out, feasible, attractive and showed creative thinking. I like the visual queues, the CPA lettering on the entrance doors, the playbills on the windows and the bright red sign above the back wall.
    The idea of creating a mosaic really plays to the artistic intent and activities of the students. Students may not be knowledgeable though of the process of creating a mosaic wall, so who would actually create and execute the work would be something to consider.

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