Color and Light

Color and Light

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  1. Carly Swindell says:

    ADDITIONAL NOTES on Proposed Design:

    The figurative motifs in window tints could be spaced between the four sections of windows, for example, a figure on the central panel of each window sections. The figurative silhouettes could be taken from photos of actual CPA students performing music or acting.

    The Glass doors of the display case can be removed and the LCD Screen mounted in the space/on the wall.

    The LCD would ideally be interactive with the viewer’s touch.

    To emphasize the area and create a more dramatic , performance like space, the wall behind the screen can be painted a dark color or black to set off the display space and the screen.

  2. Michael Budde says:

    I really enjoyed this presentation because it was feasible and I felt it connected with what the building entails. The silhouette windows with the outline of performers is a subtle way of really expressing what inspires the students. The carpet and seating in the lobby was also very intriguing with the different shapes and color arrangement. I liked the way you captured the CPA name and let it be known to any viewer what building they are in.

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