Glass Kaleidoscope

Glass Kaleidoscope

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  1. Michael Budde says:

    I thought your design was definitely a different approach as no one proposed a circular table or a complete redesign of the windows in such a manner. The kaleidoscope really would capture the natural light and create a more artistic environment on the inside. I thought the outside arrangements were good, but didn’t really need to be done because we are generally in school in the winter. Nonetheless some benches could be added in some areas as you suggested. Overall a great prototype and your effort can easily be seen by your detail in Google Sketch

  2. Carly Swindell says:

    I really liked that you played on the artistic nature of the CPA students. Your ides for student-driven art and themed elements show creation and innovation. As an art student, I appreciate your desire to bring out aesthetic qualities and also bring balance to the space.

    I think the table, carpet and furniture is fun and modern. I love the idea of having student-driven art work displayed in the interior and exterior as well.

    your presentation was interesting creative and well-presented. I really enjoyed seeing the quotes from students at the beginning.

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